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5 Great Eats near London Bridge

If there’s one thing I thought I’d be missing out on when moving to London, it was good food. Boy was I wrong. It’s become incredibly hard for me to not eat out for almost every meal. Here are my top 5 places to eat near London Bridge.

El Pastor – My Mexican boyfriend is very picky with his Mexican restaurants. He goes almost weekly to buy proper corn tortillas from the Hispanic store, calls his mom for help with recipes, and will not hesitate to ask a restaurant manager where the food is sourced from. The first time we went to El Pastor, his mouth was watering before we’d even sat down at the table. This is now one of our absolute London favourites!

Recommendations: Guacamole, Tacos de Choripapa, Tacos Al Pastor, Short Rib

Santo Remedio – Santo Remedio is a hidden gem across from More London Place. We were recommended Santo Remedio by friends who are just as obsessed with Mexican food as we are. We came here on a Saturday night for date night, eager to the tacos and margaritas. To my surprise, the mole on the bone and the margarita were my favourites! I spent a lot of time trying to convince my boyfriend that we didn’t need the 1kg mole option as we had also ordered guacamole and two types of tacos. This place is well worth a visit!

Recommendations: Short Rib (Mole), Beef Barbacoa Tacos, Pork Belly Tacos, Churros

Portena– Hands down the best snacks in Borough Market! I always end up eating one too many because they’re that good. Every person I’ve taken here has come back for more. A few weeks ago, I took a few friends for an appetiser before we ate at El Pastor. After dinner, they went back for an empanada for the road.

Recommendations: Provolone & Caramelized Onions, Ham & Cheese, and Beef Empanadas

Suchard – I love Thai food. Always have. I’ve been to Thailand several times and really love the traditional dishes. Every time that I go to Suchard, I feel as if I’m in Bangkok. The pictures on the wall and the food take me straight back. I can almost feel myself walking around in the side streets and hear the horns beeping in traffic.

Recommendations: Traditional Tom Yum or the Coconut-based soup, Chicken Gaprow, Kao Pad Saparod, Tom Yum Fried Noodles

Breakfast Club – The best place for when you’re needing breakfast for dinner, or a solid brunch with the girls or trying to cure a hangover. It’s home-y, the food portions are American-sized and there’s something on the menu for everyone. Pro-tip: go for dinner if you won’t want to wait in the line, or go around 10AM on the weekends to line up. They don’t take reservations.

Recommendations: Huevos Rancheros

A Very Honorable Mention – KatzenJammers

KatzenJammers is one of my favourites for when you need a good home-cooked meal and a beer. The atmosphere is fantastic, the food is great, and beer is cold. Note – This is a proper German beer hall. It’s a great place to go with a large group for beer and laughs, not for a romantic date night.


5 Great Eats Near London Bridge | A Girl of Many Passports

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