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Hello World!

Welcome to my blog – A Girl of Many Passports. This is where I share my stories, tell you  my favourite travel recommendations, and day dream of where to go next.

A little about myself…

When I was 6 years old, my parents told me that we were going on a vacation. So off I went to pack my favourite toys in my backpack. Before too long, we headed to the airport. My sister and I were wearing matching red coats. I remember it snowing outside.

Little did I know that in that moment, my life would change forever. We hadn’t just left for a vacation, but moved from Sweden to the US. Fast forward 22 years and I’m still living abroad, but now I’m responsible for my own ‘vacations.’

I’ve lived in Sweden, the US, Australia, and France. Current location? London, England.

When I tell friends I’m going home, it can be any of the locations above. If there’s anything that I’ve learned during my life as an expat is that the question ‘Which country or city do you like the best?’ is the hardest to answer. It’s almost impossible. Living in a new city – one that’s not your childhood dream of ‘home’ – has its ups and downs, quirks and benefits, and by the time you have to say goodbye, you leave a part of you there. The city will always have a special place in your heart and to some extent will always be home, regardless of how long you wait to come back to visit.

When I’m not attending client meetings or exploring London with my Mexican boyfriend, I spend my time searching Kayak and Skyscanner for weekend trips and Pinterest for travel inspiration. I’ve never gotten tired of the adventure.

Thoughts for this blog…

Many of my friends ask where they should go next, what restaurants they should check out, and what it’s like being an expat. I’d like to share my experiences here with you as well as hear your stories! I hope you join me on this exciting adventure as I share my travels and thoughts expat life.

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About Me | A Girl of Many Passports



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